Why wait until January to start training? The beginning of the year is a perfect time for you and your fitness goals. Get ahead this New Year by hiring someone who already knows what they're doing, so that all it takes are some simple adjustments in order reach those weights or run faster than ever thought possible!


  • 1-2-1 Sessions You will feel like you're in good hands as we guide and support your every step.
  • Calorie / Macro Calculation Calculate the amount of calories you need to achieve your goals and make sure that it's updated on our app.
  • ROM Assessments Test how well you move and discover asymmetries that may be causing issues before doing anything, so we can work together gradually to find a solution.
  • Fitness Testing Analyse your current fitness level and determine how it stacks up to the tests on offer.
  • Body Composition Measurements Weekly or monthly checks to make sure you're on track, like the good doctor ordered!
  • Full telephone Support With 24/7 access to in app messaging and telephone support, you can always get help when it's most convenient for YOU!




Make a start and get some sessions in the bank to start building.

  • 4 Sessions / Month
  • £45 / Session
  • Save £0

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Push your results forward by adding another session to your week.

  • 8 Sessions / Month
  • £40 / Session
  • Save £40

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Ready to put the work in and serious about your goals and training.

  • 12 Sessions / Month
  • £35 / Session
  • Save £120

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Push the limit, push past plataue's and reach your next milestone.

  • 16 Sessions / Month
  • £30 / Session
  • Save £240

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5/5 Reviews on Bark

  • Richard
    RV is a friendly guy and pushes you to meet your targets. Encourages you when you doing good and makes you aware of things you could do better. Would defo recommend to others! If your not after a pt you should still try the calorie burner classes, its a lot of fun😁Thank you for your help RV! 🔥
  • Clint
    Just what I needed. A breath of fresh air! Theone got the spark back in me, I was really demotivated and finding it hard to get my ass off the sofa. He makes the sessions fun which is really important to me. The goals he sets me are manageable but tough, that was also key for me. I have always struggled with my food and this part was the hardest. He helped me with my food plan and made it tasty but also with in my calorie limit which he he did for me. He also makes sure I stick to what I say, it’s great that he actually cares and gets the best out of me. Like I say, a breath of fresh! Best around by a mile.
  • Mary
    Had online sessions, I wish I lived closer to attend face to face. His enthusiasm and motivation can make you do ANYTHING you put your mind to , no matter how hard your goals might be.
  • Scotty
    Thoroughly knowledgeable and charismatic PT who has a zest for life and helping others. A detailed understanding of coaching, detailed training and nutrition.
  • Fifi
    Theone is great at what he does. Makes you feel comfortable and in control. Very knowledgeable and helps you get to your goal. Good banter too!
  • Without a doubt, I would give Theone a 5 star rating. I’ve been training with him for about a month now and I feel the best I’ve felt about myself in a long time. He was able to come up with a workout plan that suits me in order to achieve what I wanted to achieve. The best part of all of it is the encouragement and positivity he gives off, I believe that is so important and Theone is the best for that 🙌🏼